Dance is more than movement. It's a time of discovery and a vehicle to explore rhythm, self-expression, communication and collaboration. Children as young as 18 months take their first steps in our studios through the School at Dancers’ Workshop. As students advance, they learn, develop and refine movement vocabulary and skills specific to dance and performance. Dance education gives students skills applicable in life, such as focus, perseverance and creative problem solving.

Kinder Sessions include Mommy & Me (Dads welcome too!) and creative movement classes that range from 30-45 minutes in order to keep the attention of the small movers! These classes enable young children to get a feel for expression through movement before moving into more technical instruction.

Youth Program classes are full 15-week semesters. This longer block of time allows the instructors to prepare a well-rounded dance education for the students and creates the space for the dancers to explore and expand their own artistic and technical training.

Little girl dancing at Dancers' Workshop

18 months - 7 years old 

Kids Dancing at Dancers' Workshop

Students 8 - 18 years old

Middle School Dancing at Dancers' Workshop

Middle & High School Students

The age range for each program noted above is based on the age of your child in September of the current school year.