San Francisco-based guest artist Tika Morgan returns to Jackson Hole and brings a fiery four-day workshop to Dancers' Workshop. Tika may just transform your own relationship with dance... let go, and discover a new you!


Tika Morgan Dance workshops are centered around dance as a way of life. Working with Cuban and Brazilian dance from the sacred to the celebratory, from contemporary to folkloric, Tika is highly skilled at bringing in the larger context of these dance lineages while pointing back to their West African roots. She explores the extraordinary way our body language retains it’s essential nature and is then passed down through a community. Tika's work is about embodying and celebrating the power available within us. By working with traditional and popular movement, her workshops offer an opportunity to delve into discovering our body’s potential as we move. Participants are guided to explore, at any level, the interplay between form and freedom and the power of moving as one. Both reverent and joyous, dancers will experience historical and symbolic references for even the most basic steps so that we experience what she calls our “dancing our human story”.



9:00-10:30am Latin Fusion Thursday Drop-in Classes or Full Workshop
6:30-8:00pm Reggaetón Fusion Thursday Drop-in Classes or Full Workshop
9:00-10:30am Samba Fusion  Friday Drop-in Classes or Full Workshop
6:30-8:00pm Latin Fusion Friday Drop-in Classes or Full Workshop
10:00-11:30am   Latin Fusion Saturday Drop-in Classes or Full Workshop
4:30-6:00pm Reggaetón Fusion Saturday Drop-in Classes or Full Workshop
10:00am-12:00pm Brazilian Fusion – The Silvestre Dance Technique Sunday Drop-in Class or Full Workshop


$135 Full Workshop  
$25 Drop-In  
$30 Sunday 2-Hr Class  
Punch cards not accepted
Dancers' Workshop Studio 1
Pre-registration preferred


Latin Fusion

This open level class is devoted to Tika’s love of Cuban dance and music and centers around Salsa Suelta, a “freestyle” non-partnering dance featured most often in clubs. Class begins with body alignment, isolations, core work and stretching followed by choreography that builds in tempo. Tika brings together the music and basic steps of popular and folkloric dances of Cuba and weaves them into her choreography from the basics to intermediate patterns within the routines. This class is a great way to work on your style and move toward partnering in Salsa Casino classes as well as moving on to study Cuban Folkloric Dance.

Reggaetón Fusion

Move to the wildly popular Reggaetón music while exploring the movement styles that inform this Latin dance expression. Tika pulls together movement intrinsic to the music of Cubatón, Cuban Salsa, Dancehall, Latin Hip Hop and Samba, while pointing out where traditions intersect and diverge from their West African roots. Class features stretching and a lot of body isolation work to enable you to express the choreography and connect to the music. This class is FIRE!

Samba Fusion

Tap into the joy of Brazil’s most popular dance! In this open level Samba Fusion class, you will learn choreography that incorporates Samba no Pe´, Samba de Roda, Samba Reggae and Samba Afro, while exploring the origins of these styles. Tika works with both current and traditional music that moves higher in tempo as the class progresses. Class incorporates isolation and foot work that will bring out your musicality while building stamina and developing body alignment. Shoes are optional.

Brazilian Fusion – The Silvestre Dance Technique

This contemporary Brazilian dance incorporates the four elements of nature, the energy systems of the body, and African Brazilian symbolism. Together, they provide the expression and interpretation of the exercises with the objective of conditioning the body, mind and spirit for dance. Regardless of prior experience, this technique offers a way to develop, evolve and discover our potential as we move. In this class, Tika brings dancers of any level into sacred and traditional movements in conjunction with this technique, developed by Rosangela Silvestre (an internationally-celebrated dancer, teacher and choreographer from Bahia Brazil, silvestretraining.com). This is a beautiful, connected way to experience yourself on the dance floor.



Tika has a gift for teaching that is rich and meaningful - she touched so many people in such a special way over our week intensive. She is not teaching "pop culture/sexy" for the sake of sexy - it's deeper than that - and that is definitely something we want our young students as well as adult dancers to understand and experience.

- Kate Kosharek, Dancers' Workshop, 2018

Tika Morgan has livened up a part of me that hasn’t felt awake since I was studying and performing dance as a child and adolescent. She made me feel and rediscover deeply inside myself, have child-like wonder, while simultaneously incorporating powerful imagery in every moment of her classes. Tika is dynamic, humble, and a master of her craft.  She is so knowledgeable, inspiring, and talented beyond her physical form and technique. She paints a picture of the lineage, culture, and the purest form of meaning behind each individual movement, propelling those lucky enough to call themselves her “students,” forward as dancers. I am eternally grateful for the gifts she has given me, as it has been over 15 years since I have felt this fire.

- Denise Faicco, 2018 



Tika Morgan is a full-time instructor of Afro Contemporary & Latin Dance with over twenty years of professional experience. Her unique teaching style has garnered a loyal and devoted following throughout the San Francisco Bay Area dance community, where she continues to be an inspiring source. Tika began dancing at age four and had her first experience performing professionally at age eleven, going on to work in several dance companies performing both nationally and internationally. She is a graduated teacher of the acclaimed Silvestre Dance Technique (Brazil) and has been working with its founders since 2008. Since 1999, Tika has made dance ethnology trips to Brazil and Cuba, enabling her to educate people on the places where the dances of the African Diaspora connect and diverge. Tika has choreographed for concerts, musical theater, music videos and carnival parades. Her work has been featured in Quién Magazine, Marie Claire Latino América, SF Chronicle and was most recently chosen by SF Bay Guardian’s as top 20 choices.