Session Structure

The school year is divided into two 15-week Semesters and one 8-week Summer Session. The 15-week sessions take into account Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring Breaks as well as other National Holidays. Please refer to our School Calendar. Dancers’ Workshop does not hold most classes (exceptions include our non-performing Kinder classes) during the week of Winter Production and Progress Performances due to the school-wide demands of these productions.


Semester 1 registration begins August 1st. Students enrolled in Semester 1 are not automatically enrolled in Semester 2. Parents must contact the Front Desk at Dancers’ Workshop or go online to re-enroll. Classes will be filled on a first come/first serve basis. Once classes reach maximum enrollment, a waitlist will be formed (again on a first come/first serve basis). When the waitlist reaches 5 or more students, every effort will be made to form a new class. Conversely, classes with less than 5 students are subject to cancellation. In order to make productions possible, Dancers’ Workshop assesses a production fee per student to cover the costs of The Center Theatre, costumes, and staffing. Please be prepared for these additional fees in addition to the cost of each class. Upon registration, parents agree to accept all responsibility for class payments and fees and for monitoring and paying their accounts online, by phone at (307) 733-6398, or in person at Dancers’ Workshop, 240 South Glenwood, 2nd Floor, Jackson, WY 83001 between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm.

Payment Due Dates

Tuition fees are due at the time of registration. Parents may request a payment plan at the time of registration. If there is an issue with making payment, please contact the Front Desk.

Overdue Accounts

Overdue accounts will result in a one-time $20 fee. Students with accounts more than 1 month overdue will be dropped from the class, unless prior arrangements have been made. Account balances must have a $0 balance in order to enroll in the following school year.

Financial Assistance

Dancers’ Workshop offers financial assistance on the basis of financial need. Assistance is available to students intending to enroll in both Fall and Spring Semesters. Applications are due during the Fall Semester and are available through the Front Desk. Your financial responsibility upon enrollment is 20% down. Dancers’ Workshop’s partial to full financial assistance will be applied to the remaining half of Semester 1 and all of Semester 2. Once Financial Aid is applied for the semester, if there is any balance remaining, the parent may request a payment plan.


Students who have previously taken classes at the Intermediate level or higher must audition to be placed in the appropriate class for the coming year. Class assignments are determined by evaluation of the School Director and teaching faculty. Evaluations are based on the student’s performance at the audition as well as recommendations from the previous year’s teacher(s). A student may be moved to a higher or lower level during the year if the School Director decides that the change is in the student’s best interest.


Class tuition is non-refundable for students who drop a class, except for those dropping for medical reasons. Refund requests require a doctor’s note or other documentation. Parents on a payment plan must continue to make payments if their student drops out of class for a non-medical reason. Upon request, Dancers’ Workshop will apply an account credit for dropped sessions. Account credit is available for future use for up to two years.


As long as the class is not full, we allow drop-ins for all classes. The drop-in fee is $25. Students must meet the age requirements to participate and have permission from the teacher and/or School Director.

Missed Classes

For students who miss a class due to personal reasons, every effort will be made for them to attend a class of the same or appropriate level that is currently running on a different day of the week. Please contact the Front Desk to schedule a make-up class. No refunds will be given if a spot in another class is unavailable and the student was absent due to personal reasons. Refunds will only be given if a student’s class is cancelled due to Dancers’ Workshop’s scheduling needs (and not posted on the annual School Calendar).

Substitute Teachers

Dancers’ Workshop reserves the right to provide a qualified substitute teacher for all classes.

Parent Observation

Classes have a closed-door policy to foster growth in class. One Parent Observation Class is offered during each Semester. You may watch classes outside the window of our studios. You may also call the School Director to arrange a formal in-class observation.

Dress Code and Etiquette

Dancers’ Workshop has documented rules of etiquette as well as a dress code that can be reviewed here. Upon registration, parents and students understand that they are a part of the DW family, which includes abiding by these rules and dress codes for a safe and enriching experience.

Click Here for Dress Code

Waiver of Liability

I voluntarily, and having been informed of the nature of the program, which Dancers’ Workshop provides, and the potential risks encountered through this program, assume full responsibility for all risk resulting from my or my child’s participation. I hereby release Dancer’s Workshop, its Board of Directors, employees, agents, and volunteers from any and all causes of action for personal injury and/or property damage/loss resulting from my or my child’s participation in Dancer’s Workshop classes, performances, or activities. I am also aware that photos or videos of me or my child may be taken during classes or any time on the grounds belonging to Dancers’ Workshop residency, and give permission for photos and/or video to be used toward marketing materials of any sort in order to help promote Dancers’ Workshop as an organization or specific departments.

Warning and Expulsion System

A student may be given up to three warnings for failure of adhering to Rules, Regulations, and Etiquette before the student is asked to leave Dancers’ Workshop for the remainder of the Semester or longer (all warnings will be documented). The parent will be informed of all warnings.

Lost and Found

All items left in the facility are placed in Lost and Found (located in the Women’s Dressing Room). Items in the Lost and Found are donated to Browse n’ Buy on the last day of every month. Dancers’ Workshop assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items. Leave your valuables at home.