Malpaso Dance Company in creative residency at Dancers' Workshop



MARCH 21-26, 2019 

"Malpaso's aim is to bring 'Cuban contemporary dance into the 21st century.' Clearly, they have already arrived." — Pittsburg Examiner

Dancers' Workshop presents Malpaso Dance Company to Jackson, Wyoming this spring. Malpaso Dance Company has exploded onto the international dance scene. Distinctively Cuban and decidedly collaborative, Malpaso attracts both world-renowned choreographers and emerging voices in Cuban choreography. Described as "breezy, charming" and "delectable," Malpaso will be in creative residence at Dancers' Workshop this spring. Dancers' Workshop is excited to offer a Movement Photography Workshop with famed photographer Todd Rosenberg as part of this residency. Details to come in the new year.


In the five short years since its establishment in 2012, Malpaso Dance Company has already become one of the most sought after Cuban dance companies with a growing international profile. Emphasizing a collaborative creative process, Malpaso is committed to working with top international choreographers while also nurturing new voices in Cuban choreography. The company tours with 11 dancers and is led by its original three founders; resident choreographer and Artistic Director Osnel Delgado, Executive Director Fernando Sáez, and dancer and co-founder Daileidys Carrazana.


Osnel Delgado, founder, artistic director, dancer and choreographer of Malpaso, danced with Danza Contemporanea de Cuba from 2003 to 2011 before founding Malpaso. He has worked with choreographers Mats Ek, Rafael Bonachela, Kenneth Kvarnström, Ja Linkens, Itzik Galili, Samir Akika, Pedro Ruiz, Isidro Rolando and George Cespedes, among others. Delgado has created works for DCC, Rakatan and Ebony Dance of Cuba. Delgado is a 2003 graduate of the National Dance School of Havana, where he is also a professor of dance studies.

"Surely, Malpaso, with its fluid, sexy athleticism, can put the lie to the old saw that contemporary dance is too cerebral to be fun to watch." - Miami New Times
"...a blend of unfussy ballet technique and lushly earthy modern dance, spiked with now-soft, now-explosive capoeira." - The Boston Globe
"[Mr. Delgado's] finely kneaded movement, which almost makes you want to grab it in fistfuls, buoys into and out of the ground with delectable ease." - The New York Times