Community Dance at Dancers' Workshop



This affordable after-school program is great for elementary students grades 3-5 who love to create and move. The Art Association and Dancers' Workshop are excited to inspire students to think outside the box! This class explores the fundamental principles of visual art and dance. It's a perfect opportunity for students who want to explore their artistic side through a variety of activities. Students will build art projects, create dances and forge new friendships during the 8-week program.

Fall Session: September 7 - November 16
Colter & JESMunger
For additional K-2 and 3-5 sessions beginning in November, February or May, click here.

Contemporary Dance at Dancers' Workshop


Open rehearsals open a dialogue between visiting artists, resident artists and audiences. Artists have the opportunity to share in-process work and garner valuable feedback. Audiences are treated to an intimate glimpse into the rehearsal process and greater access to visiting artists. Open rehearsals are free events and are open to the general public and DW students.

Dance Theater at Dancers' Workshop


This subsidized ticketing program gives those who can not otherwise afford to attend a performance the opportunity to. Through relationships with local civic and human service organizations throughout the valley, we offer free tickets for DW programming to students, seniors and local families. 

Community Dance at Dancers' Workshop


We would like to build on our recent success in visiting the Senior Center of Jackson Hole with legendary tap dancer Savion Glover and continue to reach populations that might not venture into our studio space or the theater.