Ashleigh Chuang

Ashleigh Chuang instructs the following:
  • Open Level Ballet
  • This open level class moves at a slower pace and time is taken to break down steps. The focus is on learning correct execution of steps with musicality, building strength and flexibility. Class goes at the pace of those who attend. If you have ever wanted to try ballet, this is the perfect class to give it a try. All levels welcome. For a more advanced class, please consider joining our Intermediate/Advanced Ballet class.
    Please plan to wear something that allows you to move freely and feels comfortable to you. You might find it most helpful to wear something at least slightly form-fitting, so the instructor can see your form enough to make helpful corrections.  You can wear ballet shoes or bare feet.

  • Ballet Level 6
    2x per week: Tuesday & Thursday
    Ballet students advance through a carefully developed curriculum designed to teach students the highly technical language of ballet, emphasizing correct alignment, strength, flexibility, balance, grace, focus, discipline, musicality, and self-expression.
    *Please note that ballet and modern dance are at the core of Dancers’ Workshop’s curriculum. It is highly recommended that students study Ballet and Modern at the same level simultaneously.
    Ballet 1 begins at 9 years old and students will advance to higher levels as they master the curriculum as evaluated by their instructor and the School Director. Students who were in a level higher than basics last school year will take a placement class at the beginning of this school year to determine their starting level for the semester. Students will be placed in the level that maximizes their learning potential and can be advanced at any time.