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Dancing Alphabet (Grades Pre-K - K)

The alphabet comes to life as students paint letters in space and on canvas and mold their bodies into the 26 symbols of the English language.

The Circus of Imagination

In this workshop, everyone imagines their own creatures, sideshow stars, and modes of transportation, playing in order to realize that all life is a wondrous and an unpredictable event. In this workshop, students explore concepts in movement, visual art, and theatre, which they then use to create their very own circus. After learning about the components of real circus shows, students design and build their own circus train cars, create dances, juggling acts, sideshow attractions, and wild costumes, all culminating in a final circus performance.

How is Mobile Like a Dance?

This workshop looks at the way kinetic sculptures move, using balance and counterbalance. Then, expanding these physical concepts into metaphorical ideas, we explore movement, music, visual art, and theatre through the lens of balance and counter balance. Over the course of the workshop, students make their own mobiles, create their own dances and music scores, and contribute to a giant group kinetic sculpture.

What is Modern Dance? (Grades K – 5th)

This workshop is a physical and creative exploration of the elements of dance and how they can be used to express academic and real life concepts.

Discovery Through Creative Movement (Grades 1st – 4th)

This workshop offers a fun and playful exploration of creative movement through dance activities for children. Action-packed workshops are made up of fun problem-solving exercises and are a blend of individual skill building and group participation. This workshop can also explore the overlapping concepts of visual art elements with movement: shape, line and pathway, texture and quality of movement, and color.

What is Modern Dance? A Lecture Demonstration

An athletic and inspiring lecture demonstration performed by Contemporary Dance Wyoming, sharing the elements of dance (shape, locomotor, pathway, space, and quality), choreography and performance.


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