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Residency Options

Lecture Demonstration

What is Modern Dance?: is an athletic and inspiring lecture demonstration performed by Contemporary Dance Wyoming, sharing the elements of dance (shape, locomotor, pathway, space, and quality), choreography and performance.

Residency Workshops

  • Dancing Alphabet (Grades Pre-K - K): The alphabet comes to life as students paint letters in space and on canvas and mold their bodies into the 26 symbols of the English language.
  • What is Modern Dance? (Grades K – 5th): This workshop is a physical and creative exploration of the elements of dance and how they can be used to express academic and real life concepts.
  • Discovery Through Creative Movement (Grades 1st – 4th): This workshop offers a fun and playful exploration of creative movement through dance activities for children. Action-packed workshops are made up of fun problem-solving exercises and are a blend of individual skill building and group participation. This workshop can also explore the overlapping concepts of visual art elements with movement: shape, line and pathway, texture and quality of movement, and color.
  • The Sport of Dance (Grades 5th – Adult): This workshop focuses on the athletic and challenging aspects of creative movement for children and teens. It is a blend of skill building in the arts and participation in creative movement exploration.

Creative Art Camps

  • A World We Can Imagine: If you could change the world we live in, what would you change? Create world summits where imaginary world problems are discussed and resolved through the use of conflict resolution. Create crowns for the individuals that would be revered in these imaginary worlds. Explore, through movement, bases of support and shapes of the body. Create contour drawings of the human body and turn them into continents with topography, points of interest, etc.
  • The Poetics of Space: How can we compare our body to a building? What kind of buildings can we create to live in?  Build imaginary homes, filled with spaces of meaning and sustainable uses.
  • The Circus of Longing: We will look at our culture’s constant need for outward entertainment versus the use of our own imagination. By learning about the historical form of the traveling circus, it’s extension of reality and use of diversity, we will recreate our own circus, complete with live animals and daring circus acts. It is wacky, unpredictable and sometimes silly. It is more fun than normal life and by being so helps to redefine the normal to make it more fun.
  • Truth In Translation: What level of truth is communicated when something is translated from an original source, be it language, movement or something visual? What senses are engaged in the act of translation and in listening/understanding? These questions will be explored through meaningful and playful exercises that employ conflict resolution skills.
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