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Our Teaching Philosophy

At Dancers’ Workshop, we offer a dynamic, integrative approach to the art of teaching and practicing Pilates. Our attentive and experienced instructors are trained to provide a workout that encompasses strength and agility to assist clients in achieving their fitness goals. We strive to promote a friendly, open atmosphere for beginning to advanced students. All Pilates' equipment is proudly purchased through Balanced Body with instructors certified in Balanced Body as well.

PRIVATE  One-on-One Training   
A customized workout with your own certified Pilates trainer using various apparatus: Reformer, Trapeze Table, Chairs, Barrels, small balls & fitness circles. Sessions are designed to meet your specific needs, whether it be rehabilitating an injury or building up your personal fitness level.

Utilize all the Pilates equipment and still receive a great amount of private attention. You can schedule to your convenience upon our availability. We can help to coordinate a partner for you, but we prefer you to find your partner and sign up together.

A small group equipment class done on the Allegro 2 Reformers. Mat work can also be incorporated. You can schedule to your convenience upon our availability. We can help to coordinate partners for you, but we prefer you to find your group and sign up together.

Call 307-733-6398 or email to schedule a session.
Sessions are scheduled for 55 minutes. By Appointment.

A small group equipment class integrating strength training, core-stabilization & stretching. Done on the Allegro 2 Reformers, this is a fun and motivating group workout! Each workshop is a progression of four sessions and is limited to 4 students. Pre-registration is required, please call 733-6398 or email No refunds for missed classes.

Pilates Mat classes focus on the principals of Pilates: concentration, control, stability, precision, flow and breath. Classes are non-competitive and closely monitored by the instructor to ensure that each person is working safely and at her/his appropriate level of challenge. Props (fitness circles, toning balls, flex bands, etc.) are sometimes used for added challenge. With regular attendance, students will experience increased strength, flexibility, coordination and stamina. Drop-ins welcome!


Private  $80/session ♦ $380/5 sessions ♦ $700/10 sessions
Duet  $50/session ♦ $238/5 sessions ♦ $450/10 sessions
Trio  $40/session ♦ $190/5 sessions ♦ $360/10 sessions
Quad  $30/session ♦ $142/5 sessions ♦ $270/10 sessions
Group Reformer Workshops  $100/4 sessions
Mat Classes  $16/Drop-In ♦ $75/5 class card ♦ $120/10 class card ♦ $200/20 class card

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