Tuition & Fees

The pricing structure is per semester. Spring semester classes begin January 30. Financial aid is available and dispersed to candidates one time per year. For the 2016/17 school year, the application deadline was September 19 to receive any assistance for the entire year ending in May 2017. The next financial aid available will be in September of 2017. 


Kinder and Intro to Technique Classes

Mommy & Me (18-36 months)  $313.50
Brain-based Mommy & Me (18 months - 5 years)  $390.50
Kinder Steps (3 years)   $313.50 
Kinder Dance (4 years)   $352
Kinder Tech (5 years)   $352
Intro to Technique (6 years)   $352
Intro to Technique 2 (7 years)   $390.50


Ballet & Modern Basics (twice per week)  $698.50
Beginning Ballet (twice per week)  $698.50
Beg/Int Ballet (twice per week)  $698.50
Intermediate Ballet (twice per week)  $781
Intermediate Pointe (twice per week)  $390.50 
Int/Adv Ballet (twice per week)  $863.50
Pre-Advanced Ballet (twice per week)  $863.50
Advanced Ballet (twice per week)  $863.50
Company Class  $621.50


Ballet & Modern Basics (twice per week)  $698.50
Beginning Modern (twice per week)  $698.50
Beg/Int Modern (twice per week)  $698.50
Intermediate Modern (twice per week)  $698.50
Int/Adv Modern (twice per week)  $863.50
Pre-Advanced Modern (twice per week)  $863.50
Advanced Modern (twice per week)  $863.50


Beginning Jazz  $390.50
Intermediate Jazz  $390.50
Advanced Jazz/Hip Hop  $390.50

Hip Hop

Youth Hip Hop  $352
Teen Hip Hop  $390.50

Dance Conditioning

Dance Conditioning  $390.50


Junior Repertory Company (JRC)

As a member of Junior Repertory Company, you can receive a 40% discount on the total cost of classes. Audition into the Company is required.

Company 1
$2225 (includes 40% discount)
Class Breakdown
Advanced Ballet  $545.89
Advanced Jazz  $246.87
Advanced Modern  $545.89
Dance Conditioning  $246.87
Choreography (optional)  $246.87
Company Class  $392.90

Company 2
(includes 40% discount)
Class Breakdown
Advanced Ballet  $536.00
Advanced Modern  $536.00
Choreography (optional)  $242.39
Company Class  $385.78

**Conditioning, Jazz/Hip Hop and Pointe for Company 2 are optional. Students in Company 2 are only required to take 2 Ballet, 2 Modern and 1 Company class per week.

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