Presenters' Circle

The Presenters’ Circle of Dancers’ Workshop is a dedicated group of donors who support our programs and initiatives at a level of $1,000 or more annually.  Their generosity enables Dancers’ Workshop to continue to enrich lives by offering excellence and diversity in dance experiences through education, performance and outreach for students and audiences of all ages.

Thank you to all of the donors that make Dancers' Workshop possible. We could not exist without your support and dedication to dance opportunities in our community.

Presenters' Circle Members

As of May 9, 2013

Jean Adams
Jean Anderson & Pete Wales
Anonymous Fund of the CFJH
Tamara Ashburn & Richard King IV
Carolyn & George Beall
Ed Beddow
Brent Blue
Claudia Bonnist & Terry Winchell
Amy & Bomber Bryan
Judy Bernstein Bunzl & Nick Bunzl
Babs Case
Pam Case & Larry Berlin
Ana & Tom Chapman
Sophie & Derek Craighead and
    The Charles Engelhard Foundation
Connemara Fund
Lynne & Barry Cox
Carol & Peter Coxhead
Annette & Ian Cumming
Daynes Music
Ann Dwan
Stephen Dynia
Jacqueline & Christian Erdman
Missy Falcey
Amanda Flosbach
Ann Frame
Stephen Friedlander
Lynn & Foster Friess
Polly & Steve Friess
Lynne & Jack Fritz
Lou & John Furrer
Myrna & Steve Greenberg
Carolynn & Bruce Hawtin
Berte & Alan Hirschfield
Ourdia & Jake Hodge
Penney & A.C. Hubbard

Joanna B. & A. William Huelsman
Kim Kernan & William Mulligan
Karen & George James
Nancy Jarrell & Ed Smail
Heidi & Danny Jost
Carrie & Scott Kirkpatrick
Florence Lemle & Ron Saypol
Carol & Jim Linton
Maura Lofaro & Kim Harrower
Robin & Bill MacLeod
Jeanne Maher
Adrienne & John Mars
Holly McAllister Swett
Kelly McDermott & Mark Daverin
Doyen McIntosh
Alice & Rod Moorhead
Anne & Tom Muller
Bridget Mullen & Michael Stern
Dana & Carl Nagel
Wendy Nelson
Gloria & William C. Newton
Judy & Donald Opatrny
Marge & Gil Ordway
Eunjae & Arturo
       Peralta-Ramos, III
Cynda Peralta-Ramos
Linda & Larry Perlman
Debbie Petersen
Bonnie & Tom Pockat
Andrea & Monroe Rosenthal
Susan & Jon Rotenstreich
Patricia Russell
Heather Sacre &
     James Carona

Anita & Julian Saul
Scarlett Family Foundation
Mary & Stanley Seidler
Veronica & Gary Silberberg
Judy Singleton
Jamie & Steve Snyder
Kent Spence
Mindy & Glenn Stearns
StoneRiver Fund of the
     Community Foundation
     of Jackson Hole
Robert Strawbridge
Kathy & Rick Stuck
Mike Thieme
Carol H. Tolan
Barbara & John L. Vogelstein
Margot Walk & Jerry Freeland
Jade & David Walsh
Teresa & Bill Waterman
Michael Wehrle
Mary K. “Dusty” Weiss
Robin & Bill Weiss
Elaine & Jim Wolfensohn
Judy & Bob Yarmuth
Nona Yehia & Mark Sullivan


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