Expectations, Regulations, & Etiquette

Our Values

Dancers’ Workshop values a community of dancers dedicated to enhancing the creative experience of each and every student, parent, teacher, and administrator. We ask that you join us in nurturing a positive experience each and every time you enter Dancers’ Workshop. Dancers’ Workshop is our house of dance. Dancers’ Workshop is your house of dance.

Rules, Regulations, and Etiquette

Dancers’ Workshop provides supervision inside the classroom for enrolled students and is not expected to monitor students in the hallways and throughout the building. The following rules must be adhered to:

In the Classroom

• Be respectful.
• Be in Dress Code.
• No gum, food, or beverages.
• No cell phones.
• Use the storage cubbies for personal items.
• No chatting. Raise your hand and ask the teacher your questions.
• Safety first!
• Bring an open mind.

In the Hallways

• Be respectful.
• No running or yelling.
• Keep hallway and restrooms clean.
• Use the storage cubbies for personal items.
• Items left will be put inLost and Found (see below).
• Keep cell phone use to a minimum.
• No loitering in dressing rooms.

Warning and Expulsion System

A student may be given up to three warnings for failure of adhering to Rules, Regulations, and Etiquette before the student is asked to leave Dancers’ Workshop for the remainder of the Semester or longer (all warnings will be documented). The parent will be informed of all warnings.

Lost and Found

All items left in the facility are placed in Lost and Found (located in the Women’s Dressing Room). Items in the Lost and Found are donated to Browse n’ Buy on the last day of every month. Dancers’ Workshop assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items. Leave your valuables at home.

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