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2016 Spring Dance School 


Dancers’ Workshop Presents
2016 Progress Performance "Rock 'N' Roll" 
Saturday, May 14 6PM
Center for the Arts, Theater
Tickets available for Purchase April 14th

Click Here for more info on the Rock 'N' Roll Performance 
or see below for the student rehersal schedule and performance times for each class.


Class Rehearsal Schedule Saturday, May 7th

Students, please arrive on time to the house of the Center Theater. Find your class and sit together. Your teacher will come and get you to take you to the stage to rehearse.

What you need: Dress code dance attire, hair up and out of your face, and dance shoes. Please come ready to dance. NO FOOD or DRINK is allowed in the theater. If you will be at the theater for more than two hours, bring a snack to eat in the lobby. Please be sure to respect the space we are renting, and clean up after yourselves before you leave.

Tech Rehearsal

Time at Theatre             Title of class                                          Teacher’s Name

8:55- 9:15 am                 Kinder Tech-A (3:45 M)                           Stacy Thorkildsen                      
9:10-9:30 am                  Kinder Tech-B (3:45 T)                            Stacy Thorkildsen
9:25-9:45 am                  Kinder Tech-C (3:45 Th)                          Stacy Thorkildsen
9:40-10:00am                 Intro Tech 1-A (3:45 M)                           Lindsay Larson
9:55-10:15am                 Intro Tech 1-B (3:45 T)                            Lindsey Briggs
10:10-10:30am                Intro Tech 1-C (3:45 W)                           Holly Wooldridge                      
10:25-10:45am                Intro Tech 2-A (3:45 M)                           Lindsey Briggs
10:40-11:10am                Intro Tech 2-B (3:45 W)                           Lindsey Briggs
11:05-11:25am                Intro Tech 2-C (3:45 Th)                          Lindsey Briggs
11:20-11:40am                Youth Hip Hop (3:45 F)                           Lindsay Larson & Lindsey Briggs
11:35-11:55am                Ballet & Modern Basics (3:45 T/TH)         Holly Wooldridge
11:50-12:10pm               Beginning Modern (3:45 T/Th)                 Lindsay Larson
12:05-12:25pm               Beginning Ballet (4:45 T/Th)                    Holly Wooldridge
12:20-12:40pm               Beginning Jazz (5:45 Th)                          Cady Cox
12:40-1:00pm                 Lunch for Staff & Crew

Tech Rehearsal

1:00-1:20pm                   Beg/Intermediate Modern (4:30 M/W)         Cady Cox
1:15-1:35pm                   Beg/Intermediate Ballet (5:30 M/W)           Dawn Webster
1:30-1:50pm                   Teen Hip Hop (4:30 F)                             Lindsay Larson
1:45-2:05pm                   Intermediate Modern  (4:45 T/Th)              Kate Kosharek & Rachel Holmes   
2:00-2:20pm                   Intermediate Ballet (5:45 T/Th)                 Dawn Webster
2:15-2:35pm                   Intermediate Pointe (7:15 Th)                    Rachel Holmes
2:30-2:50pm                   Int/Advanced Ballet (4:30 M/W)                Rachel Holmes
2:45-3:05pm                   Int/Advanced Modern (4:45 T/F)                Cady Cox
3:00-3:20pm                   Pre-Advanced Modern (4:45 M/W)             Francesca Romo
3:15-3:35pm                   Pre-Advanced Ballet (4:30 T/F)                 Lindsey Briggs
3:30-3:50pm                   Advanced Modern (4:45 M/W)                  Lindsay Larson
3:45-4:05pm                   Advanced Jazz/ Hip Hop (6:30 M)              Cady Cox & Lindsay Larson
4:00-4:20pm                   Advanced Ballet (6:15 T/Th)                     Francesca Romo
4:20-4:40pm                   Marissa’s Solo                                        Rachel Holmes
4:40-5:00pm                   Bean’s Solo                                           Francesca Romo
Technical/Lighting Rehearsal
These rehearsals are MANDATORY and have been scheduled during regular class times. However, because we have so many classes, some dancers may need to stay past their normally scheduled class times. Dancers should go directly to the theater in their dress code 10 minutes before their scheduled tech time to check in with their teacher and get in to costume.
Monday, May 9th
3:50-4:05pm                Kinder Tech A (Stacy Thorkildsen)
4:05-4:20pm                Intro Tech A (Lindsay Larson)
4:20-4:35pm                Intro Tech 2-A (Lindsey Briggs)
4:35-4:50pm                Beg/Int. Modern (Cady Cox)
4:50-5:20pm                Int/Adv Ballet (Rachel Holmes)
5:20-5:35pm                Beg/Int. Ballet (Dawn Webster)
5:35-6:05pm                Pre-Adv. Modern (Francesca Romo)
6:05-6:35pm                Advanced Modern (Lindsay Larson)
6:35-7:05pm                Advanced Jazz/Hip Hop (Cady Cox & Lindsay Larson)
7:05-7:35pm                JRC - Lawrence’s Piece
Tuesday, May 10th
3:50-4:05pm                Kinder Tech B (Stacy Thorkildsen)
4:05-4:20pm                Intro Tech B (Lindsey Briggs)
4:20-4:35pm                Basics (Holly Wooldridge)
4:35-4:50pm                Beginning Modern (Lindsay Larson)
4:50-5:05pm                Beginning Ballet (Holly Wooldridge)
5:05-5:20pm                Intermediate Modern (Kate Kosharek & Rachel Holmes)
5:20-5:35pm                Intermediate Ballet (Dawn Webster
5:35-6:05pm                Int/Adv. Modern (Cady Cox)
6:05-6:35pm                Pre-Advanced Ballet (Lindsey Briggs)
6:35-7:05pm                Advanced Ballet (Francesca Romo)
7:07-7:35pm                Marissa’s Piece (Rachel Holmes)
7:35-8:05pm                Senior Piece
Wednesday, May 11th
3:50- 4:05pm               Intro Tech C (Holly Wooldridge)
4:05-4:20pm                Intro Tech 2-B (Lindsey Briggs)
4:20-4:50pm                Mexican Folkloric Group
4:50-5:05pm                Beg/Int Modern (Cady Cox)
5:05-5:20pm                Beg/Int Ballet (Dawn Webster)
5:30-5:45pm                Int/Adv Ballet (Rachel Holmes)
5:45-6:00pm                Pre-Advanced Modern (Francesca Romo)
6:00-6:15pm                Advanced Modern (Lindsay Larson)
6:15-6:45pm                JRC - Lawrence’s Piece
6:45-7:15pm                Senior Piece
7:15-7:45pm                Bean’s Solo (Francesca Romo)
Thursday, May 12th
3:50-4:05pm                Kinder Tech-C (Stacy Thorkildsen)
4:05-4:20pm                Intro Tech 2-C (Lindsey Briggs)
4:20-4:35pm                Youth Hip Hop (Lindsey Briggs & Lindsay Larson)
4:35-4:50pm                Intermediate Modern (Kate Kosharek & Rachel Holmes)
4:50-5:05pm                Teen Hip Hop (Lindsay Larson)
5:05-5:20pm                Intermediate Pointe (Rachel Holmes)
5:20-5:35pm                Intermediate Ballet (Dawn Webster)
5:35-5:50pm                Beginning Jazz (Cady Cox)
Performance Schedule & Dressing Room Assignments
Saturday, May 14th: Schedule
Int/Adv-Advanced level call                                   11:30am
Call for all other dancers in first show                     12:30pm
Show 1 Begins                                                            1:00pm
Call for all dancers in second show                          3:30pm
Show 2 begins                                                             4:00pm
Cast Party                                                                    6:00pm


DW Kinder & Youth Calendar 2016


1/4                                      DW Classes Resume

1/11                                    Semester 1 Progress Reports

1/18                                    Martin Luther King Day- DW Closed

1/25                                    Semester 2Begins


2/15                                    President’s Day- DW Closed

2/22                                    Keep Us Dancing School Fundraiser Begins

2/22                                    Parent Observation Week


3/18                                    Keep Us Dancing Party

3/18                                    JRC Spring Showing

3/28-4/10                           Spring Break- DW Closed


4/29-4/30                           New Dances/ New Choreographers


5/16-5/20                           Last Week of Classes for Intro Tech-Advanced

5/14                                    Progress Performance

5/23-5/27                           Last Week of Classes for Mommy & Me and Kinder

5/30                                    Memorial Day- Building Closed






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