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Progress Performance
  • Printed packets with all pertinent information for Progress Performance were handed out to your student(s) in class. Please ask your student for the packet, as it includes details on rehearsing, tech week, costumes, tickets and more.
  • Download a printable PDF of the packet by CLICKING HERE
  • Performances are May 20, 1pm and 4pm. Not all students are in both performances. Your packet will fill you in. 

  • There is a $50 production fee. Please call or stop by the front desk to confirm your student will be in or out of the program and pay the production fee. Thank you!

Summer Camps 411

  • Click here for a list of this summer's camps. Enrollment open.
  • Financial aid deadline for summer camps and classes is June 26. 
  • If you have not signed up to be on the weekly School News, this is a vitally important newsletter if you have a dancer within our program. We keep them brief and list only important information like class cancellations, student ticket discounts, production updates, etc.

Financial Aid

We want every child to have the chance to dance!

For summer 2017 camps and classes, the financial aid deadline is June 26. Contact the DW front desk at (307) 733.6398 for details.

For the 2016/17 school year, the application deadline was September 19 to receive any assistance for the entire year ending in May 2017. The next financial aid for the school year will be available will be in September of 2017. 

One of our goals at Dancers’ Workshop is to make this possible, regardless of financial situation. Individuals are responsible for a 20% payment of the tuition cost upon registration. Applicants will be considered for partial or full assistance for the remaining tuition. Financial assistance is based solely on financial need. Dancers’ Workshop cannot meet the full need of all applicants.

Complete all requested information and attach a copy of your most recently filed US Federal Tax Return (1040). Please turn in a completed application with your registration form, your US Federal Tax return, and the 20% payment to the Dancers’ Workshop office by September 2017 (inquire for specific date). An incomplete application may cause delays or jeopardize your opportunity for financial assistance. All applicants will be notified by mail no later than October 2017 (inquire for specific date) with the amount of financial assistance for tuition.

Afterschool at Dancers’ Workshop

Help keep Dancers’ Workshop safe, clean and fun! DW is a place for:
- Learning
- Dancing
- Creativity
- Fun

Make a plan with your child regarding afterschool at Dancers’ Workshop:
- How to behave appropriately
- How to spend their time
- How to contact you

Parents will be asked to pick up children who are behaving in an unsafe, disruptive or disrespectful manner. In this case:
- You must be able to pick up your child within 15 minutes of contact from DW staff.
You must have a safe location where your child can go if you cannot pick them up right away.

Dancers’ Workshop does NOT provide:
- Supervision after school - before or after scheduled dance classes.

Dancers’ Workshop expects each student to:
- Arrive on time for class and be in dress code
- Tidy up after themselves in the dressing room and restroom
- Be an example of good behavior to their peers

Download Afterschool PDF

School Calendar 2016-2017

9/6                 Intermediate – Advanced Placement Class
9/10               Old Bill's Fun Run
9/12               Semester 1 Classes Begin
9/16               JRC Audition
9/19               Financial Aid Applications Due
9/23               Audition for Winter Production and Mandatory Parent Meeting

10/1               Winter Production Rehearsals Begin
10/31–11/5     Parent Observation Week

11/21-27         Thanksgiving Break – DW Closed

12/5                Winter Production Tech Week
12/9-11           Winter Production Performances
12/12              Enrollment for Semester 2 Begins
12/19–1/1       Winter Break – DW Closed

1/4                 DW Classes Resume
1/16               Martin Luther King Jr. Day – DW Closed
1/30               Semester 2 Begins

2/13               Parent Observation Week
2/13               Keep Us Dancing School Fundraiser Begins
2/20               Presidents’ Day - DW Closed 

3/10               Keep Us Dancing Party
3/13               Last Date to Enroll in Semester 2 Classes to be in Progress Perf.
3/27–4/9        Spring Break

4/10               DW Classes Resume
4/28-29          New Dances/New Choreographers

5/ 13              Progress Performance Tech Day
5/15-19          Progress Performance Tech Week
5/20               Progress Performance
5/22               Last Week of Classes for Students Involved in Progress Performance
5/29               Last Week of Classes for Students in Mommy & Me, Kinder Steps and Kinder Dance

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