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Workshops are a fixed fee for a fixed period of time (generally 3 to 6 week sessions). 

Check out the new Adult Fall Schedule online offering more classes and times.  The new schedule starts September 8th!  Adult Fall Workshops are also available for sign up offering a variety of classes from Modern Dance, Eastern and Western Swing, MELT with Stacey Fischer and Movement Exploration for non-dancers! Also a special festive event in October with the Thriller Workshop October 25th!

NEW at Dancers' Workshop this FALL: 

Interdisciplinary Workshops for Adults! Come play with DW Artistic Director Babs Case as she combines dance with a wide variety of art forms to encourage creativity, engage critical thinking  and develop problem solving skills!

DW's Interdisciplinary Arts Program will provide exploration and training in the arts in areas such as dance, creative writing, film, theater, music or visual art. The goal is to encourage creativity, develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Students will be exposed to at least 4 different art forms during the course of a 16-week session. DW Staff and Guest Artists will lead students through weekly classes based on an overarching set of artistic concepts (shape, line, texture, quality, rhythm, space). Each 16-week session will have a unifying theme that provides the basis for the curriculum. This gives students the opportunity to investigate the theme through multiple mediums and develop large-scale projects using the new skills learned each week.
$165 / 4 Week Module
$600 / 16 Week Module
I.   Visual Arts 
II.  Music 
III. Creative Writing 
IV. Science

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