Junior Repertory Company

The Junior Repertory Company (JRC) is the pre-professional dance company at Dancers' Workshop for highly dedicated students who strive to expand their technical and artistic dance ability. The Company strives to further intellectual conversation on the creative aspects of dance and encourage dancers to continue exploring the nuances within the ever-evolving craft of dance. These conversations exist and enhance dance, through their application.

JRC Alumni have gone on to major or minor in dance in college and continue in life to perform in modern dance companies in the United States, work in dance organizations, and apply art to their day-to-day lives. Regardless of where their studies lead them, all company members leave Dancers’ Workshop with excellent training in multiple dance disciplines, a well-rounded creative-intelligence, and a profound understanding of the value of arts in our society. 

Students participate in a mandatory 10.5 hours of instruction in the areas of modern, ballet, pointe, jazz, Pilates, Company Class, choreography (for sophomores, juniors, and seniors) and up to seven hours of rehearsal per week to prepare for the Progress Performance and either the Winter Production or New Dances/New Choreographers.

The Junior Repertory Apprenticeship

The Junior Repertory Apprenticeship applies to all first time members of Junior Repertory Company (JRC). The expectations and requirements must be met to the standards laid out in the Company 2 Contract and you will be assessed on your ability to accomplish and commit to these requirements, after the first semester. At second semester, you may then be asked to formally join Company 1 or Company 2. Being an apprentice of the Junior Repertory Company is a great way to see if you have what it takes to dance with JRC!

Performance Opportunities

December:DW Original Holiday Production

April: New Dances/New Choreographers 

May: Progress Performance

Seasonal Showings

2017-2018 Members


Hailey Barlow, Sydney Clark, Annie Estes, Kate Fredrick, Taylor Gutierrez, Megan Haag, Caroline Kucera, Morana Lundquist, Morgan May, Brooke McGough, Dania Sinzu


Ashlyn Fadala, Isabella Gutierrez, Ashley Hovinga, Audrey Hultman, Carly Kirkpatrick, Gabby Maldonado, Cameron Singleton, Sky Vitetta



Everyone must audition to be in JRC. Requirements for auditioning for JRC include the dancer being age 11, or older, and placed in the Intermediate level (for the entire previous school year), or higher, of both ballet and modern. After auditioning, you may be invited to join the Apprenticeship Company for one semester. After one semester, you may be asked to join Company 1.  JRC has a limited amount of apprentice spots open for the 2017-18 Season. There is a possibility that we do not ask Apprentice members to continue. That decision would be based on attendance, attitude, commitment, etc. All JRC members re-audition every year to hold their place in JRC.

Why Join

JRC is an amazing experience for young dancers who want to perform more and eventually work towards a career in dance. The skills learned from this program teach leadership and responsibility, paving the way to success for future life endeavors. You will need to ask yourself how much dance means to you before your audition. JRC is a serious commitment but the rewards are worth it. With five productions each school year (including Progress performance), from self-produced performances on the center stage, to intimate showings in studio one, you will be seen and respected as a dancer working hard to be the best you can be. You will be considered a leader of Dancers’ Workshop and a role model to those younger than you.


Michaela Ellingson is the Director of JRC. They will be whom you communicate with on a daily basis. With the assistance of Luke Zender, they will be directing rehearsals and involved in producing all your JRC performances. Communication with Michaela is key to your success in JRC so take some time to get to know each of them equally and feel free to ask them any questions you may have about a future in JRC. Your teachers for all JRC level classes may include: Babs Case, Kate Kosharek, Michaela Ellingson, Luke Zender, Francesca Romo and occasional guest artists.

Commitment Requirements 

You must take 2 ballet classes, 2 modern classes, a choreography class (if you are a sophomore, or older, who intends on choreographing in NDNC), a conditioning class and a company class, every week. You will generally rehearse on Saturdays from 12-5pm. In total, your commitment level each week will be, at a minimum, 10-12 hours/week and up to 16-18 hours/week during productions. Please think about and understand what a large jump this is in commitment level from the Intermediate to the JRC level classes.

Audition Preparation

Auditions are held each September at Dancers’ Workshop. To be successful at this audition, you must be in your best dance shape; technical ability is of the utmost importance to us, we cannot stress this enough. Take classes at DW this summer or a summer intensive at another school to and make sure you are ready to dance when we come back next fall. You should also seriously consider your teachers’ feedback on your final progress reports of this semester. Read through them, ask questions, and work to improve upon the things they have suggested. While technique is very important, displaying a sense of integrity, a good attitude and working hard is essential to success in this program.

Alternate Training

As the JRC levels are currently set, there are three levels after Intermediate: Int/Adv, Pre-Adv and Advanced. Based on dance ability and maturity, you may be moved up into these levels without being a member of JRC. If you are placed in any of these upper level classes you have the option to take ballet and/or modern. Remember that the Intermediate level is a strong springboard to prepare you for higher level classes, and you may spend a number of years in that level to grow, strengthen and hone your technical capabilities.   

In addition, students are required to participate in workshops of varying topics, such as injury prevention, nutrition, anatomy, disorderd eating, and more.

For more information about the Junior Repertory Company, please contact JRC Director Michaela Ellingson at jrc@dwjh.org. 

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