Kinder Tech - D (5 yrs)

This class is taught by:

Stacy Thorkildsen

Stacy has a love of dancing that started when she began to study dance at the age of eight. She trained at San Ramon Valley Dance Academy in ballet, tap and jazz. She continued her studies at Brigham Young University and has been a part of DW for 20 years. She receives great joy from her little dancers. She’s blessed with a fabulous family and loves being actively involved in her children’s activities.
Kinder Creative Movement Classes are designed for young children for the purpose of enabling them to master the basic locomotor skills including walking, running, hopping, jumping, rolling, crawling, skipping, sliding, galloping and leaping. It is through creative movement and combining these locomotors to make simple dances that students are introduced to the basic concepts of dance: body/action, space, body awareness, rhythm, coordination, balance and social skills.