Youth Hip Hop (7-10 Years)

This class is taught by:

Lindsay Larson

Originally from Parker, Colorado, Lindsay Rae began her intensive dance training at Colorado School of Dance. She holds her B.F.A in Dance Performance from the University of Wyoming. She is pursuing a career in Pilates fitness and education and is certified as a Stott Pilates Instructor, and continues her reformer certification through Balanced Body. In addition to performance and choreography Lindsay has been trained in the art of Stage Lighting Design and was recently the resident Master Electrician for the 60th season of Snowy Range Summer Theatre. Lindsay teaches Pilates at Dancers' Workshop.
Hip Hop is a blend of older and current high-energy "street style" movement typically performed to today's popular music. It explores locking, popping, and breaking while sometimes including percussive steps and house or club dancing as well as incorporating positive elements in the culture. Classes start off with a basic warm-up, then continue with a hip hop combination or focus style.